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Mama Mia My Orlando House Is Not Selling

July 16th, 2008 by tisner

Why isnt my Orlando Home Selling Mama Mia Songs that help

wedding picture

Why isn’t my Orlando Home selling?  Mama Mia here we go again why didn’t my home sell. Money Money Money dollars could be the problem this is survey question number one. 

In another words Price is Key and if you have to sell and get an offer in this market it is Key to take it seriously.

Holding out for those extra dollars can easily be made up in the few months you continue to pay the mortgage and costs vs taking that slightly less offer upfront.  What would actually cost you?


Are you ready to take the Mama Mia poll for getting your home sold?



Money Money Money is your home priced to sell?

  • What is the most recent market snapshot you reviewed to be sure you are priced correctly?
  • Have you had a recent appraisal?
  • Do you know there is a difference between what you need and what it will sell for? 
  • How does the current market effect you? 



 Honey Honey have you added incentives that make your home stand out from the crowd?

  • offer to pay 6 months of homeowners dues
  • offer to pay 6 months of taxes
  • offer to pay closing costs
  • offer a home warranty




 Slipping thru my fingers are you missing buyers you could have attracted because of curb appeal?

  • Have you maintained the front of the property
  • What draws the buyer to your front door is the path clear of clutter
  • Have you added bright colored plants to the front door
  • Have you added any fung shui elements check out Laurie Manny’s feng shui ideas


If the real movie is what you are waiting for Friday it is released here is the preview. 


So there you have it part one of three of our Mama Mia Orlando Real Estate Theme.


Orlando Florida Real Estate is one the 66 Cities to Buy

July 10th, 2008 by tisner

Orlando is one of te 66 cities listed where it is better to buy than rent.

According to MSN Real Estate Orlando and Kissimmee are on the list of 66 of the best cities to buy, and Florida has 7 cities on the list.  Florida has no state income tax, and our homestead exemption also gives you a property tax benefit for primary residences.

Why is this important for renters?  Well if you are a renter in one of these cities the opportunity to purchase is very good right now and Orlando is one of them. 

If you are renting this may be best time to consider home ownership with lower prices and high inventory not to mention a time to start investing in your own equity vs your landlords.

The cost of owning could be less with a 6% loan versus higher rental costs.  It is still important that you have good credit. 

How were these cities selected and where are the rest?

Information was used from the National Low Income Housing Coalition and Center for Economic and Policy Research

Here is the list from MSN Real Estate article.  

As the market for subprime and zero down mortgages got tighter, you might be surprised to see how FHA has changed to help buyers and sellers in today’s market! 

What about insurance costs of owning a home?  You can save 30% on insurance costs if you use the same company for car and home.

So what are you waiting for falling home prices, FHA loan options, and good credit will help put you on the path to home ownership. 

Check out all homes for sale in our Orlando area, we also can check out bank owned homes and great vacation home opportunities.  If you are ready give us a call today Buying Selling Relocating We Can Help.


Orlando Real Estate Mortgage Money Specials

July 8th, 2008 by tisner

Special programs and the latest FHA financing available for your Orlando Home Purchase.

Orlando Florida Real Estate is still presenting many opportunities for special mortgage financing and choices.

First the new FHA limits for Orange County Orlando and Kissimmee

Orange County One Family Two Family Three Famiy Four Family Last Revised Kissimmee 
Florida $353,750 $452,850 $547,400 $680,300 July 8,2008 Same


Just in from Cindy Hall President of Mortgage Solutions are some 100% financing loans.

These 100% financing loans are currently available for homes located in Orange County.  Where?  Ocoee West of Clark Road, all of Winter Garden and areas out to the Lake County line.  All of Lake County is included. 

There is also territory in Polk County including Davenport.  Here we will have to check specific property addresses to be sure it is located in the approved territory.

What else do you need to know about this available financing?

There are also income restrictions that can be reviewed when you prequalify.

Here is another feature that makes this loan so attractive.  There is no morgage insurance premium which will make the monthly payment lower than previous loans of this type. 

FHA loans now make it possible to get the buyers in for almost no out of pocket costs, utilizing seller funded down payment grants and seller paid closing costs.  There are no income or geographical restrictions with FHA financing.

These are great programs to help buyers get in homes!

Listen to the latest information about new changes in FHA financing from our podcast.

To find the home of your dreams click Search all Homes and get started.  It is easy to sign up for our VIP membership.

For more information about these FHA rates and specifics check the FHA website.  If you are a Veteran there are also opportunities with VA loans available just for Veterans.  Here is a list of the frequently asked VA loan questions.

If you want to explore your options call us today and let us help you find your dream home in Orlando Florida. 




American Tribute on this 4th of July

July 4th, 2008 by tisner

4th of July Scenes to remember


 4th of July Flag Boy    Snoopy troops









        KEEP IT LIT!


All of our other military personnel,

where ever they  may

Support all of the troops defending our Country.  


American Flag  

And  God
Bless our Military who are protecting our Country  for our
To them, and their sacrifices we can celebrate the 4th  of July 


  God Bless Our Troops Heart

We must never forget who
Gets the  credit for the freedoms we have, of which we should be  
Eternally grateful.

soldiers jet  battleship 

God Bless America Flag

I  watched the flag
Pass by one day,
It fluttered in  the breeze.

Twirling Flag

A  young Marine
Saluted it,
And then he stood at  ease..

I looked at
Him in uniform
So  young, so tall, so proud,
With hair cut square
And  eyes alert
He’d stand out in any crowd. 

American Soldiers 

 I thought  how many men
Like him
Had fallen through the  years.
How many died on foreign
How many  mothers’ tears?


How many  pilots’ planes
Shot down?
How many died at sea  
How many foxholes were soldiers’
No,  freedom isn’t free .

I heard the sound of Taps  
One night,
When everything was still,
I  listened to the bugler
And felt a sudden  chill. I wondered just how many times

That Taps  had meant “Amen,”

Waving American Flag

When a flag had draped a  
Of a brother or a friend.  

Child praying  Family Hugs

I  thought of all the
Of the mothers and  the wives,
Of fathers, sons and
With  interrupted lives.

Thought about a graveyard
At the  bottom of the sea


Veteran Graves

Of unmarked graves in
No, freedom isn’t free

American Flag with Eagle  

Enjoy  Your Freedom
&God Bless Our  Troops

I was asked to share this with you so enjoy and have a wonderful 4th of July.



Orlando Real Estate Hot Tips You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home

June 30th, 2008 by tisner

Selling your home in Orlando what you need to know, and hot tips on preparing your home for sale guide with book.

what will your house be worth

What home sellers need to know before you loose your hard saved equity.

Pricing is one piece of the puzzle but what else do Orlando Real Estate Home Sellers need to know?

If you have been waiting months and months to get your home sold what can you do? 

Check out our report that explains the entire process.  We also offer an interactive guide to help you to prepare for a successful home sale.

All you need to do is click each category and find out what you can do to be ready for your next buyer.  It covers the following elements:

  • Home Showing Basics
  • Painting Tips
  • Curb Appeal
  • Room by Room
  • A Home Checklist
  • And a Quick List

So here it is

First the link to the Home Selling Basics

Next we offer a terrific Marketing booklet that covers most all questions you may have.  The index will let you move the section that is of most interest.

Sorry just noted the address needs to be changed as we moved downtown Orlando a couple months ago but the information is still quite valuable.

If you still need more information Tricia Schneider our top buyer specialist and Ken Deshaises co-Authored with me the book Getting the Best Deal When Selling Your Home.

If you would like a copy email me today and it will be our pleasure to send you one.

Getting the Best Deal When Selling Your Home

So what are you waiting for if you or someone you know is thinking about selling their home in the next 3 months give us a call.

Considering the directions prices are going don’t wait any longer get started today.


Orlando Real Estate Pricing and the Latest Harvard Study

June 27th, 2008 by tisner

Pricing to sell is imperative don’t miss the Harvard Home Study report


Another study from Mary McKnight of RSSPieces alma Mater Harvard

A recent study done by The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard is suggesting a slower recovery to the housing market than at first expected.   This State of the Nation’s Housing Report is another indication that pricing today is extremely important.  If the pricing trend is downward it is imperative that sellers in today’s market take into consideration how they price their homes.

Holding out for a higher price when comps and prices seem to be heading in downward direction makes imperative that pricing to sell now may net you more than waiting for the next upturn.

Of course everyone’s situation is unique but with the tremendous amount of foreclosures and short sales available and the comparables they produce are taking a toll.

Inventory is still high, and for you buyers out there the choices are terrific. 

What can you Sellers do?  How would you answer the following questions?

Take a look at this report from Harvard and ask:

  • How much are you paying towards just your housing costs?
  • How long do you want to continue making those payments before you recoup the accumulated costs of pricing it now to sell?
  • Are you prepared for the downward trend the current foreclosures have on home prices
  • Do you still have alot of new home inventory and how will that effect the choices in close to your neighborhood?
  • If the slump continues are prepared to bear the costs?

Attention Orlando Real Estate home sellers check out this hot report.

If you stil have any doubts take a closer look at the Harvard Report

If you have to sell your in this market Pricing is the most important element.

So if you can’t wait call us today and check out what is happening in your neighborhood with our Market Snapshot


If you want to learn more about our team


Windermere Real Estate Keenes Pointe Homes Market Report June 2008

June 23rd, 2008 by tisner

Windermere Florida Golden Bear Golf course community Keenes Point market report and hot listings.

Windermere Real Estate Market Report Keene’s Pointe Single Family Homes as of June 23rd

Keene's Pointe



There are currently 113 single family homes active on the market

  • 9 Three Bedroom
  • 55 Four Bedroom 
  • 38 Five Bedroom
  • 5 Six Bedroom
  • 5 Seven Bedroom
  • 1 Eight Bedroom

 Square Footage ranges from 2099 to 10,133

Prices range from $475,00 to $4,545,000

Days on Market range from 7 to 728

Average days on Market is 208

11 are in escrow at this time

  • 1 Short Sale 
  • 1 Auction
  • 1 New construction

 Average days on the market 292 

 Pending Price:  $599,777 to $4,968,000

13 Sold

  • 4 Four Bedroom
  • 9 Five Bedroom

Average days on market 161

Sold Price from $430,000  to $1,490,000

Specific details and pictures of these homes available at this market snapshot.  Click open all the feature it is very interactive, but only displays up to 100 homes.

Current Rates

  This Week Last Week
30 Year Fixed 6.27 6.30
15 Year Fixed 5.86 5,89
Jumbo (30 Year) 7.41 7.51
5/1 Arm 5.71 5.76


Want to buy a home in Keene’s Pointe check out these hot listings now homes for sale in Keene’s Pointe.


View Larger Map 

Need More information call

Teri Isner

Orlando Real Estate Agent

Orlando Avenue Top Team

Keller Wiliams at the Lakes / Celebration

504 Celebration Ave.

Celebration Florida 34747



Celebration Florida Real Estate

June 23rd, 2008 by tisner

Celebration Florida Village Communities and homes for sale.

Celebration Florida Downtown View






Hard to believe that Celebration welcomed the first families moving in back in 1996. Now there are nine villages to choose from each with a unique style.

  • Celebration Village
  • Lake Evalyn Village
  • North Village
  • South Village
  • East Village
  • West Village
  • Aquila Reserve
  • Artisan Park Village
  • Roseville Corner

If you prefer the condominium lifestyle there are choices for this too:

  • Mona Lisa

  • Condominiums at Market Street
  • Carlyle Residences at Celebration
  • Market Street at Celebratio
  • Mirasol at Celebration
  • Siena at Celebration
  • Terraces at Celebration
  • Georgetown at Celebration


Take a look at the video presentation next for just a bit of the front porch flavor you will enjoy if owning a home in Celebration is for you.


View Larger Map

True to the Disney traditions of celebrating the Florida lifestyle enjoy this video for more on why so many people choose to live in Celebration Florida.

Search all homes over a million for sale in Celebration.



Isleworth Market Report June 2008

June 17th, 2008 by tisner

Isleworth Market Report Orlando Florida Real Estate June 2008

Isleworth Market Report Orlando Florida Real Estate June 2008

Isleworth Homes Market Report

Windermere trumpet tree

Isleworth 3 Bedroom Single Family Homes

There are currently 76single family homes active on the market

  • 1 two bath and one half bath
  • 3 three baths  
  • 2 three bath and one half bath


Square Footage ranges from 2856 to 3870

Prices range from $1,695,000 to $2,400,000

Average Days on Market range from 82 to 606

Average days on Market is 316

Pending at 1.4 million a 3 bed 4 bath is in escrow at this time 3670 sq.ft. approx. built in 1991.

Days on the market 203

4 bedroom and up next page.

Isleworth  Four Bedroom Single Family Homes

There are currently 15 single family homes active on the market 

  • 1 three bath home
  • 2 three and one half baths
  • 3 four bath
  • 4 four and one half baths
  • 1 four and 2 half baths
  • 3 five and one half baths
  • 1 five and two half baths

Square Footage ranges from 3518 to 7467

Prices range from $1,550,000 to $6,000,000

Days on Market range from 36 to 526

Average days on Market is 190

1 Sold listed at 1.8 sold at 1.4 a 4 bed 3 and one half baths on the market for 133 days.  3640 sq.ft. approx. built in 1996.


Isleworth Five Bedroom Single Family Homes

There are currently 11 single family homes active on the market

  • 1 Five Bath
  • 1 Five and one half baths
  • 2 Five and two half baths
  • 2 Five and three half baths
  • 1 Five and four half baths
  • 1 Five and seven half baths
  • 1 Five and seven two half baths 
  • 1 Six  and one half baths
  • 1 Six  and three half baths  

Square Footage ranges from 4417 to 10,535

Prices range from $1,996,000 to $7,475,000

Days on Market range from 11 to 855

Average days on Market is 250

1 Sold listed at 5,950,000 sold at 5,050,000 a 5 bed 5 and 3 half baths on the market for 697 days.  8481 sq.ft. approx. built in 2003.


Isleworth Six Bedroom Single Family Homes

There are currently 3 single family homes active on the market

  • 1 Five and one half baths
  • 1 Six and one half baths 
  • 1 Seven and one half baths


Square Footage ranges from 4606 to 7201

Prices range from $2,500,000 to $4,325,000

Average Days on Market range from 6 to 298

Average days on Market is 191


Isleworth Seven Bedroom Single Family Homes

There are currently 2 single family homes active on the market

  • 1 Six and 2 half baths
  • 1 Eight and 2 half baths 

Square Footage ranges from 8101 to 8708

Prices range from $5,500,00 to $5,900,000

Average days on Market is 94  

See all Isleworth homes for sale and let us know which you want to see inside.

Thinking of selling your home like a market snapshot specific to your property go to this location and select seller.

If you would l
ike a free copy of Getting the Best Deal When Selling Your Home select the contact us tab above this blog post.

Current Rates:

  This Week Last Week  
30 -Year Fixed 6.08% 6.02%
15 -Year Fixed 5.63% 5.60%
Jumbo (30 Year) 7,26% 7.21%
5/1 ARM 5.34% 5.45%


Teri Isner

Orlando Real Estate Agent

Keller Wiliams at the Lakes / Celebration

504 Celebration Ave.

Celebration Florida 34747


Orlando Florida Real Estate 


Florida Real Estate Bring Your Sunglasses

June 13th, 2008 by tisner

Luxury Homes for sale in Orlando over a million dollars in a buyers market.



Why do you need to bring your sunglasses?

Considering all the great options now for real estate in Orlando and Florida in general your future looks bright and the time to buy is now.

So if a bright Orlando real estate home is in your future, start looking at these options.

Last month 11 homes over a million dollars sold here.  This million up price range is offering some incredible deals.

So for millionaires only you can start your search here.

 There are some terrific opportunities now in the million dollar up price range but here too remember location is key. 

Before buying be sure that the surrounding homes are also selling for same price range and higher.  Home sellers or buyers can use one of our tool called a market snapshot to feel secure about what is going on in the neighborhood you are considering.

Homes for sale in the Caribbean

We also offer million dollar homes in the Caribbean and Mexico.

Call us today your dream is waiting and the choices are terrific right now in the luxury home market.


Teri Isner, CIPS, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams At-The-Lakes
1170 Celebration Blvd
Suite 200
Celebration, Fl 34747

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