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Dos and Don’ts for New Homeowners

January 31st, 2018 by tisner

The closing date has been set, you are boxing up your belongings and a move is about to happen! It’s an exciting time, but some practical things should be addressed before you move in. Find out what you need to do and what you don’t need to do in your new home. 


  • Paint–doing this before having to work around furniture and boxes makes the job go faster. 
  • Clean everything, including carpets if you plan on keeping them. 
  • Add storage to closets or utility rooms. 
  • If you’re planning on upgrading the floors, do it before you get everything in the house. 
  • Check the attic to make sure it’s adequately insulated.   
  • Change the locks!  Every door should get a new lock, including the garage door. 
  • Clean the ductwork and vents of the heating and cooling system.  If you’d like a deep clean, call a pro who specializes in cleaning HVAC ductwork. 
  • If there’s a fireplace, have it inspected to be sure it’s safe and that the chimney is clean. 
  • Find the circuit breaker box, and familiarize yourself with the switches.  If you can’t read the labels, turn each switch off and on to see what areas they control, and label them.  This is also a good time to locate your water main shut-off, so you’ll know where that is. 

Do Not’s 

  • Making major changes too soon isn’t a good idea, unless necessary.  Live in your new home for a while and get a feel for what you love and what you don’t love. Waiting to remodel will allow your finances recover from the down payment and closing costs, as well. 
  • You need to know everything that your homeowner’s insurance will cover, and what it won’t.  Make an appointment with your insurance agent to go over your information with them. 
  • Taking a large tree down isn’t a good DIY project; this should be left to a professional, so call an arborist or neighborhood committee member to find out what you need to do if the tree is diseased or is a safety hazard. 
  • Drilling or nailing into the walls of your new home is better done with a stud finder and make sure there isn’t any old wiring lurking behind the sheetrock.  There should be a setting on the stud finder for electric wires. 
  • If your home is brand new, maintaining it is key.  But if you live in an older home, don’t neglect a monthly walk-around and make sure everything is okay.  You don’t want a small fix to turn into a major repair. 
  • Saving money shouldn’t stop once you’ve bought your home!  Do your best to cut corners where you can, and continue the saving habits you got into while stocking away that down payment.   
  • Throwing away receipts, new appliance user guides and paper work is a mistake.  Keep everything together in a folder labeled “Home Receipts,” so you can find them when you need them. 
  • Don’t be a stranger!  Meet your neighbors before you move in; once you’re there permanently, it will be easier to invite them over for a casual get-together. 

Better Home and Gardens offers an extensive maintenance checklist for everything the new homeowner should know and keep track of. There are many resources for new homeowners available online, and ask your realtor for any ideas they may have to help get your new beginning off to a great start! 

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