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How to Make Your Orlando Home Look More Expensive

July 26th, 2011 by tisner

It’s pretty rare to come across a homeowner who doesn’t want his or her Orlando home to come across as expensive or even possibly luxurious to some extent. Your home is most likely your largest investment, your pride and joy, and so why wouldn’t you want it to look its finest. It can be seen as a reflection of who you are, and especially when used to entertain guests it can be utilized to potentially “show off” just how hard you’ve been working. The tricky part in this whole expensive appearance scheme is the financial aspect. The cost of your Orlando home itself may have burned through your home budget alone, and so the money left over for its interior decorations may be limited. For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to spend infinite amounts of money on interior designers and on the most lavish foreign furniture and paintings, we have to make some clever choices. Just like with clothing, an impeccably dressed person does not necessarily have to buy their garments from the top fashion designers to look good. And the same can be said for homes! The price tags of a couch or dining room table are not the only indicators of class and luxury. How you arrange your home, and how you choose specific things to compliment its layout can make a world of difference with just how pricey your abode appears. And even if your bank account does allow you to afford the more luxurious décor items, you too can make use of these tips to making your Orlando home appear more expensive:

  • MAINTENANCE. It seems so logical, but often homes can go without a good cleaning for a lengthy period of time.  Keeping your home clean and tidy is most definitely the simplest way to looking more expensive. Clutter and mess absolutely degrades its worth.
  • WALLS. The quality of your walls says a lot about the quality of your entire home. A fresh coat of paint is always refreshing to see, and be sure to cover chipped areas and to remove marks.
  • FRAMES. Posters and pictures taped up on walls just looks sloppy. Buying frames for your posters and pictures that are worth displaying looks absolutely polished and presentable. Nice looking frames need not be expensive either. This also goes for people who have not displayed anything on their walls. Hanging framed posters and pictures and pieces of art always looks very appealing.
  • TEXTURE & PATTERNS. From your pillows to your rug, opt for regal looking patterns, most likely in deep tones. Window drapes in one room, like your family or living room, just screams luxury, and if it’s not too daring for you, a faux fur rug can do wonders. Neither has to be pricey, but just be careful not to go crazy on the patterns. Stick to a few specific things to decide to pattern up.
  • LITTLE THINGS. Focusing on small, cheaper house items can really spruce up your home. Opt for more expensive looking garbage bins, coasters and the like. For instance, choose a more visually pleasing material like glass or wood over plastic.

  • WHITE. When in doubt, choose white. If you’re having a hard time choosing the color scheme for a room or aren’t savvy with prints/patterns, white is the way to go. It completely opens up and refreshes any room.
  • ONE PIECE. If your budget allows, splurge on one expensive item in your most popular room. If possible, splurge on at least one item for each of your rooms used for entertaining.

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