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Is This The Time to Purchase Real Estate?

March 7th, 2007 by tisner

Is This The Time to Purchase Real Estate?

The only thing that is certain is change….
Realtors are asked questions regularly about timing the market.  Some of our favorite questions are:
    * "How much further is the market going to drop?"
    * "Is this a good time to purchase?"
    * "Where is the next hottest area to purchase?"

Realtors can’t easily answer these questions for you.  What we can do is give you the information you need to make the most informed decision.  We can help you move away from the Analysis Paralysis to home ownership.

The media does not assist in this confusion.  The Media’s goal is to get the consumer to purchase their papers and watch their shows.  They do this by reporting the negative.  The consumer is bombarded with information by the press and with the internet information is readily available.  Articles that report on national trends, may not apply to the area you desire. 

Remember that Real Estate is LOCAL and your Orlando Area Realtor is an expert on the areas that you desire.  If you don’t speak with a local expert you might just miss out on a wonderful opportunity.  If you are interested in purchasing a property, remember to work with an Orlando Area expert in your search for your Real Estate.

Real Estate decisions are very personal decisions, and to answer these questions generically is impossible.  What is happening in Real Estate is change, and change is the one thing that we can depend on.  Donald Trump best said it with regards to those that are successful in Real Estate "What separates winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate."   Real Estate is a long term investment and that you should take many things into consideration when purchasing Real Estate not limited to:

  • What is your reason for purchasing? 
    • Is it to live in the property long term? 
    • Are you looking for a quick return?
    • Is this a primary purchase or an investment property?
  • Why are you purchasing the particular property?
    • Do you love the property?  One of the best reasons to purchase is because you will live in it and enjoy it.
    • Is this an investment purchase?  Will you be able to carry the property if you do not have renters?
  • Are you waiting for the perfect time to purchase?
    • Remember that if you are waiting for lower prices, you run the risk of higher interest rates
    • Only very few people have the good luck to purchase at the absolute bottom of a market, and once you see trending back upwards, you have missed the bottom of the market
    • Remember that the "setback" of purchasing at a slightly higher price over the long term is rather minimal

Right now is an excellent time to purchase, there is a large selection of well priced properties on the market.  Interest rates are historically low.  There are a lot of wonderful opportunities out there!  Contact your Orlando Avenue Top Team today for more information on how you can take advantage of the changes in the Real Estate market in the Orlando area.

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