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Orlando FL Real Estate Market Trends – June 2012

July 31st, 2012 by tisner

As Americans, we celebrated Independence Day this month flocking to places like Mount Vernon, Monticello and Peacefield to learn and understand more about our country’s history and the men and women who shaped its future. The homes of founding fathers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were more than shelter; they were places of respite, reflection and inspiration.

“Homeownership is an investment in our future, but it’s also a gateway to our past,” said National Association of Realtors President Moe Veissi, broker-owner of Veissi & Associates Inc., in Miami. “The homes of our country’s founders offer insights into their characters and values, and reflect the spirits of their owners, just as our homes do for us today.”

In some ways, historic homeowners bear little resemblance to the homeowners of today. George Washington inherited Mount Vernon when he was 20; only 4 percent of recent home buyers were between the ages of 18-24, according to the 2011 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. John Adams was born in the house that would remain in the Adams family for four generations. Today, fewer than 3 percent of families in this country have received their primary residence as an inheritance, according to a recent Survey of Consumer Finances published by the Federal Reserve Board.

Women’s rights to own property in America’s early days were often based on their relationships with men, so it’s not surprising that many women today view homeownership as its own form of independence, with single women representing more than one-fifth of all home buyers in the current market.

Homeowners across U.S. history do share some common ground, of course. Most of the founding families lived out their lives close to where they were born, and the same is true today. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that nearly 60 percent of Americans currently live in the state in which they were born, and NAR research shows that the typical buyer moves only 12 miles from his or her previous residence.

“I am as happy nowhere else and in no other society, and all my wishes end, where I hope my days will end, at Monticello,” said Thomas Jefferson of his home. Although today’s economic environment has postponed homeownership for some, numerous surveys show that most Americans still aspire to homeownership. In the NAR Profile, a full 60 percent of recent first-time home buyers cited the desire to own a home of their own as the primary reason for purchasing a home.

Lets take a look at June sales figures in our local Orlando FL real estate markets.

Orange County Real Estate Sales Statistics – June 2012  

Orange County saw 96 less homes sold in June 2012 than 2011, a 6 percent decrease. The average sales price increased by 9 percent and the median sales price increased by 10% from June 2011.  Market times decreased by 13 days or 8 percent.  

Orange County Homes Sold Average Sales Price Median Sales Price Average Market Times 
June 2012  1,637  $178,061  $127,200 149
June 2011  1,733  $161,411  $115,000 16

 Osceola County Real Estate Sales Statistics – June 2012

Osceola County homes saw home sales decreased by 119 homes, a 19 percent decrease. Prices increased with the average sales price up 7 percent and the median price increased by 17 percent.  Market Times decreased by 18 days compared to June 2011.

Osceola County Homes Sold Average Sales Price Median Sales Price Average Market Times 
June 2012 493  $133,689  $109,000 154
June 2011 612  $124,052  $90,000 172

 Seminole County Real Estate Sales Statistics – June 2012

Seminole County residential sales increased by 14 percent with 90 more homes sold in June 2012. The averages sales price increased by 10 percent, and the median sales price increased by 8 percent compared to June 2011 levels. Market times decreased by 6 days or 4 percent.

Seminole County Homes Sold Average Sales Price Median Sales Price Average Market Time 
June 2012  628  $166,368  $130,000 152
June 2011 538  $149,841  $120,000 158

 Lake County Real Estate Sales Statistics – June 2012  

Residential sales in Lake County decreased with 5 less home sold a 1 percent decrease. The average sales price increased by 4 percent, while the median sales price increased by 6 percent during the same time period.  Market times increased by 3 days.

Lake County Homes Sold Average Sales Price Median Sales Price Average Market Time 
June 2012 406  $140,700  $123,750 190
June 2011 411  $135,438  $116,750  187

 Polk County Real Estate Sales Statistics – June 2012

Polk County saw 24 more home sold in June 2012 compared to 2011.  The average sales price increased by 16 percent,and the median sales price increased by 15 percent.  Market times decreased by 14 days the same as June 2011.

Polk County Homes Sold Average Sales Price Median Sales Price  Average Market Time
June 2012  693  $120,320  $100,000 164
June 2011 669  $100,841  $85,000 178

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