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Orlando Florida Home Owners Less is More!

June 12th, 2007 by ckulikowsky

Feng Shui is basically living in harmony.

Feng Shui is basically living in harmony.  Orlando Florida homesellers need to remember this when they have their Orlando Florida homes for sale. 

Embrace the dynamic and effortless flow of energy in your environment and live a life of peace, harmony, grace and beauty.  I wanted to share some tips today I recieved from Suzee Miller. 

Suzee is a real estate broker and Feng Shui consultant.  she appears as a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows, and lectures and teaches basic Feng Shui principles to design trades and realtors worldwide. 


Suzee is the author of Elementally 8 Personality Profiles and Power Directions for Optimizing Health, Wealth, Love and Good Fortune.  She also wrote Myth, Magic and Reality.


Suzee Miller did a personal office consultation for us a few years ago and has given us some interesting tools to continue our success in the real estate world.


This weeks tip was about your environment.  Since your home and office are a reflection of you inner and outer world do you come from poverty or wealth?

Does the energy around you flow effortlessly or get stuck?  Does your home, office and living space reflect spaciousness, harmony balance or chaos?


The tip here is less means more in Feng Shui.  More Freedom, more abundance, more happiness, and more fortune.

Gift away to friends and loved ones while you are alive to experience the joy of giving and witness the joy of recieving.  Throw away and or burn away anything that does not empower others like magazines, file papers, knick knacks, photos, furniture, toys, clothes and boxes etc.

Give it a try and see if you enjoy more positive balance in your life.


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