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Orlando Florida Shopping Finds

November 23rd, 2007 by tisner

Orlando Florida shopping finds, Target, Hershey, Radio Shack, monopoly, Hasbro, orlando avenue


Our Orlando Florida shopping finds were fun today.  We didn’t leave until 11:30 and got everything on the list!





I just couldn’t resist sharing a couple of our Orlando Florida shopping finds from today with you and there is still time to get rain checks on one of them. 


As many of you know our website is shaped like a monopoly board, which by the way took about a year to get permission from the trademark attornies.   We at first wanted to use the "opoly" name in the title but that wasn’t allowed.  I went to get a board and to see what else would be close and that is how I came up with Orlando Avenue.  This was acceptable to Hasbro and our site was born. 


Now  back to the sales..of course it is the new electronic banking monopoly game from Target.  Price only $20!  Yes that is right today and tomorro $20.  Regular price is around $40-42.  We were disappointed as the game was sold out but Target gave a rain check so we can go back until Dec. 1st to pick it up with this at the $20 price.




You can also download a free version of Monopoly at this free games site.  Of couse you can still go to Target


Radio Shack had several nice things a cool pad for our notebook, dual webcams with ear pieces, a 4 gig scan disk, and battery adapter..all for less than $62.00 plus free shipping!

I am not sure if you had to go to the store or not but if it was on sale this weekend and they didn’t have it in the store they would free ship it to you.




My husband loves dark chocolate and Walgreens had the buy of the day!  Large Hersheys special dark chocolate bars 2 for a $1.00.  We bought 30 since they also make great stocking stuffers!   This sale was only until 2pm today so who knows what they will offer closer to Xmas or if it comes up again.  I did find a sale site for these just in case you can’t wait.  Hershey’s special dark offered in lots of options.

We found a few other items but they must remain a secret until after the holidays.  Hope you were able to find some items on your shopping list!  More later from  sunny 71 degree Orlando Florida.


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