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Orlando Florida Utility Bills

November 23rd, 2007 by tisner

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Orlando Florida utility bills can be hard to swallow even if you don’t have a leak.  Upon returning from a professional meeting I came home to a few bills.  Now we all get bills that is not the issue.  The issue is one of the bills in particular our water bill was outrageous compared to previous bills for water of only around $30.  This one was $144 plus change!  What to do next?   Yes I have even included a video tip!

I knew something had to be wrong as our pool and yard on are on a well and we just couldn’t have used that much water in the house.  Where was the problem.  I called Michaels plumbing to come out and take a look.  Sure enough he said our toilets were running non stop.  It isn’t a loud noise but if you listen carefully you will hear the running sound.  The fix was new guts for two of the four toilets in the house.




While Michaels plumbing was here I did a short video as he also shared with me the importance of having a T-Bar.  I didn’t even know what this was but he suggested we buy one at Home Depot or Lowes if we ever needed to turn off the water to the house in case of an emergency.  This was a total learning experience for me as I didn’t even know where the turn off valve was in the yard until he showed me. 


Did it work …yes our next bill was $19.00 more like it!  Remember if you are buying a home in Orlando Florida area or any of our five surrounding counties (Orange, Lake, Polk, Seminole, or Osceola) having a well for pool and yard will save you hundreds of dollars a month especially in the summer!  We also found out about hot water heater blankets to conserve energy and covers for the outside taps in case of a freeze which thank goodness we don’t have often in our Sunshine State around Orlando Florida.

If you need a handyman or someone to help you with a home problem email us we keep a great list of many trustworthy and reasonable vendors.  If you or anyone you know is going to buy or sell a home in the next 6 months please call the Orlando Avenue Top Team today at 407-467-5155.



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