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Recycling the Right Way in Orlando, FL

April 30th, 2024 by tisner

Despite decades of recycling programs, many Americans are still doing it wrong.  Many things that can’t be recycled are tossed in the bins, and with changes in the way plastics are manufactured now, we need to make sure what we think we’re recycling can be used.  Let’s look at ways we can improve what and how we’re recycling. 

  • Rinsing any type of food containers–plastic, steel, and glass–is a good idea, but not all municipalities require it.  Check with your local waste management office about rinsing, or not to rinse. 
  • Plastic bottles of all kinds and their lids can be tossed together.  Manufacturers are now using recyclable materials for the tops. 
  • Keep plastic shopping bags in a bag of their own, and take them back to the store they came from for recycling.  Don’t throw them in the recycle bin. 
  • Cardboard food delivery boxes, namely pizza boxes, can be recycled in many areas, but make sure they’ll take the greasy bottoms.  If not, tear off the lid and toss it in the bin! 
  • We don’t always think about toilet paper and paper towel tubes, so add those to your recyclables pile. 
  • According to Waste-free Mail’s website, Americans use an average of 700 pounds of paper products per person, per year.  Almost all paper products are recyclable, so check with your waste management about what they collect. 
  • Don’t throw that package wrapper in the garbage!  Check out what’s recyclable by using this guide from 
  • Many bathroom items get overlooked in the recycling game.  Bottles for bathing products, deodorant containers, and empty medicine bottles are all perfectly recyclable. 
  • Milk and juice cartons are recyclable!  Many of them end up in landfills because it’s believed they are coated in wax. 
  • Unfortunately, your disposable coffee cup should be just that–disposed of.  They are coated on the inside with polyethylene, making them non-recyclable.   

If you’re in doubt about an item, find out if it’s okay before you put it in your bin.  “Contamination” items can bring the machinery to a halt in the sorting process, costing time and money.  After getting the correct information from your area’s waste management program about what you can and can’t recycle, check to see if other things can be dropped off at a local center.  Find what goes where: Not only do we need to recycle, we need to buy recycled to complete the circle.  Besides helping improve our environment, when we buy products or packaging made from recycled products, we encourage manufacturers to start using more recycled materials, and that’s what recycling is all about. 

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