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Short-Term Fixes for Urgent Home Repairs

July 26th, 2022 by tisner

Things happen, and it seems that they usually happen on weekends or after normal working hours. What do you do until a professional makes a service call? Find the temporary solution to many emergency needs here:

  • Leaky roof:  Search for the leaking area in the attic while it is raining and call a roofing company or handyman as soon as possible. Cover the area with a heavy-duty tarp, using nails to keep it in place.  
  • Broken window: Wearing work gloves and safety glasses, remove any broken glass pieces. Use heavy-duty plastic and weather-proof tape to cover the hole or cover the window completely, sealing it well to keep out rain or cold. 
  • Leaking water pipe: Turn the water off at your water main. Stop small leaks with epoxy putty. Do not allow pipes to continue to leak or think the putty will hold forever. Have a plumber address the issues. 
  • Water heater leak: The first thing that should be done is to turn off the water heater breaker or gas flow, then turn off the cold-water flow to the heater. Call your plumber immediately, then start cleaning up with towels or a wet/dry vacuum. If water has flooded the room, take photos before cleaning up, and call your insurance company. 
  • Clogged drain: Using a plunger for clogs is better and safer than using store-bought drain cleaners. This video from Ask This Old House shows homeowners the proper way to clear drains. If none of those solutions work, calling a plumber is in order, as a backed-up drain will eventually burst and create a much larger mess. 
  • Gas leak: Whenever you smell sulfur or the “rotten egg” odor, it is usually a gas leak. Get out of your home, turn the gas off outside by turning the valve control to a perpendicular position, and call your utility company immediately. Do not go back into the home until the leak has been checked and repaired. 

Keep in mind that these are temporary repairs! Neglecting to make repairs can cause extensive and costly damage to your home. The plumber’s bill for a leaking water pipe is much less expensive than replacing rotting floors. Taking care of emergencies as quickly as possible protects your investment and saves money in the end. 

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