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Appraisal Prep

October 23rd, 2018 by tisner

mortgage-lending process

The mortgage-lending process has several steps, and one of them is the appraisal.  Lenders require an unbiased valuation of the home that’s being sold, and the appraiser will not only look at sales of similar homes in the area, they’ll look at the property itself. Here are several things sellers can do to get ready for the process, and maybe even improve the appraisal value of the property. 


  • Start your once-over outside, and make sure your front and back yards are neat and clean of debris.  Check fencing for any damaged places and repair them.   
  • Small improvements are best for the look of your landscaping:  fresh mulch, some new plants, and a recent mow and trim work. 
  • The siding of the house should look great:  no peeling paint, no broken or missing vinyl siding, no rotting wood.  
  • Check condition walkways and steps, making sure nothing is in disrepair or needs replacing. 
  • Make certain windows are in good working order, with no rotting sills, cracked glass or peeling paint. 
  • Decking and porches should be in safe condition. 
  • Check the roofing for missing shingles or bad spots. If your roof has had any recent repairs, have that information ready for the appraiser to take note of.   


  • Walls should look great–no permanent marks or cracks.  If you see a problem that needs repair, have the work done, or you’ll need to allow the buyer to have a credit to make the repair. 
  • Flooring that’s worn, soft, cracked, scratched or stained won’t make a good impression.  Clean the carpets, and make repairs to any hardwood, tile or linoleum. 
  • Bathroom fixtures should be clean and in good working order. 
  • In the kitchen, that sagging cabinet door needs to be set right, and faucets and plumbing should be in good shape. 
  • Odors can signify a problem:  pet odor can be taken care of with some elbow grease and deodorizing cleaners, and if mold is an issue, have that erased by a mold-cleaning specialist.  If it’s just general bathroom mold, there are plenty of household cleaners to remedy that. 
  • Ceiling stains can be a sign of a leak.  If you’ve had that repaired, have that information available for the appraiser, and paint the ceiling. 

The appraiser will be looking at general things, but if something costs $500 or less to repair, take the chance that it will improve the value of the property.  Don’t go replacing a working 10-year-old HVAC unit that you’ve kept maintained, as that won’t necessarily add to the appraisal value.  Have other major repair paperwork ready for the appraisal appointment and allow the expert to walk around and do their assessment.  The buyer already likes your house well enough to make an offer, and you’ve likely already done the work to make your home sell.  Maintain your house during the showing process, and it will benefit you come appraisal time.

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