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Rock Painting Fun!

October 23rd, 2017 by tisner

Have you been walking in your community, and found a pretty hand-painted rock with a motivating message? The Kindness Rocks Project trend can lead to adventure for you and the kids, and can be a fun neighborhood project.  All you need is a few supplies, time and imagination! 


  • Smooth rocks of any size.  You can look for these laying around outside, or purchase them from a craft store or home center. If you’re finding them in a natural setting, make sure you have permission! 
  • Any of these decorating mediums: acrylic paint, non-toxic paint markers, colored Sharpies, inspirational phrases printed and cut out, Mod Podge Outdoor or clear acrylic sealer spray, paint brushes of varied sizes, a paint palette or tray to hold paint, newspaper, and soap and water for clean-up. 

How To 

  • Clean the rocks thoroughly, using a brush and clean water.  Scrub the whole surface, and rinse completely, then let dry. 
  • Lay newspaper down to protect your surfaces, and get supplies ready while the rocks dry. 
  • If you are using paint markers only, seal the rock with Mod Podge, or, using adult supervision, clear acrylic spray. 
  • Paint any design or brief inspirational message on the rock surface, and allow to dry.  Make sure to wipe the brush after each dip so paint doesn’t run on the rock.  Younger children may need some help with this from the older kids. If you need some inspiration or design ideas, you’ll find some here. 
  • Add your local rock-finding group hashtag to the back of your rock, a hashtag unique to your family, or use #TheKindnessRocksProject so when your work of art is found, you can keep a trace on it, and others can see it as well, through social media. 
  • Another way to add inspirational messages is to use quotes pre-printed on paper.  Adhere the paper to the rock with Mod Podge.  Once it’s dry, paint or draw your design on the rock.  Seal the paint and paper with a few coats of Mod Podge, and the paper will be protected from the elements. 
  • Once your work of art is complete, seal it with a few coats of Mod Podge or clear acrylic sealer spray, once again, using adult supervision. 

Hide and Seek 

  • Place your rock in a hiding spot, but make sure it can be seen–you want other rock hunters to find your rock. Public places are great for leaving your rocks, just not in National Parks.  
  • When you find someone else’s stone, give it a new hiding place after taking a photo and posting it along with the hashtag on social media.  Most local rock-finding groups have Facebook pages–search for them by your town or community name so you can share the fun! 
  • Keep a basket of finished rocks in the car, and if you see a space that needs some inspiration, leave a rock for others to enjoy (ask first, just in case!). 
  • Ask your local children’s hospital if you can contribute rocks so kids who aren’t able to go outside can rock hunt inside. On the same token, get permission from a nursing home or assisted living center to leave rocks for seniors to find. 

Rock painting and hiding is a trend that will hopefully continue.  Leave the rocks to inspire, as well as to bring joy. You never know whose day you may be brightening, just like Megan Murphy of Massachusetts, who was inspired to start The Kindness Rocks Project.  Now, get painting, have fun, and inspire someone today! 

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