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Short Sales Orlando Florida Real Estate We Can Help

February 17th, 2009 by tisner






Stop Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure

You might ask yourself A Short Sale

How can they help

Are you behind on your payments?

I am a professionally trained real estate agent who has been specifically trained

on how to negotiate a settlement with your current lenders so you can sell the property

and get out from under this burden.


Best of all, my commission will be paid by the bank, so you won’t 


have any out-of-pocket expense!



  • Avoid Foreclosure
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Protect Credit Score from “foreclosure” ding
  • Be free of financial & emotional burdens

If you are ready to sell your home and free yourself from this debt, call me today for a

free consultation. Short sale requires a trained professional for a successful transaction,

so call me today to help you find a solution.


You now have a choice…its not too late. Millions of local homeowners are in the exact same situation as you.  

You do not have to lose your home to foreclosure




 You don’t have to ruin your credit.

We provide assistance to local homeowners who are in need of our specialized help in the preventing foreclosure.

Our purpose is to assist homeowners who are experiencing delinquent mortgage payments by providing

alternatives to foreclosure.

You are behind on your mortgage (house) payments.

Do what other local homeowners are doing and turn to us for assistance.

We specialize in working with homeowners just like you.  Our unique service allows us to work with all the local

and national lenders to resolve your mortgage situation.

Its not your fault.  We understand that hard working people

sometimes encounter unforeseen circumstances and fall behind on their financial obligations.

We do not focus on the reasons why you are behind, but rather on the solutions to end the problem. 



Don’t give up or do nothing and lose your home unnecessarily.

Your situation is NOT impossible, even if others have told you so. 

Call us today at 407-467-5155

Let me repeat You have no risk or up front expense. 



Don’t wait the clock is ticking.

There is a limited amount of time where we can help you due to the foreclosure process.

Call Now. Our services are confidential.  407-467-5155

Despite what you have been told…you DO have options

other than bankruptcy and foreclosure. A bankruptcy, which stays on your credit for years, should be viewed

as a last resort  and should never be taken lightly.   Most homeowners are not aware of all their options,

we invite you to take a few minutes to call us and assess you situation.

You will then learn the numerous advantages of working with us  over foreclosure.

You now have a choice!

What does Wikipedia have to say about Short Sales?

Here is what the Orlando Sentinel had to say about Short Sales.

Fannie Mae is trying to speed up the process too as it costs the banks less to do a short sale then to foreclose.  It makes sense.

Remember you have options.





Teri Isner, CIPS, CRS, GRI
Keller Williams At-The-Lakes
1170 Celebration Blvd
Suite 200
Celebration, Fl 34747

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