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Ten Things to Prepare Your Orlando Area Home for Sale

March 12th, 2007 by tisner

A quick list of things you should do before you list your home….

A quick list of things you should do before you list your home….

This Market is very competitive in Orlando Florida and it is important that if you are thinking of selling your property at this time you will need to prepare your house to give you an advantage over others in the area.  First work with your Orlando Florida  expert to come up with a competitive listing price. 

It is important to point out that Buying or Selling a House is an emotional time.  The more you can remove yourself from the emotions the easier it will be for you.  The more you can appeal to the buyers emotions, the quicker and closer to asking price are what will result.

The next, and probably most important thing, that you will need to do  is prepare your home for sale.  Here is our quick list of 10 things you can do to aide in the sale of your Orlando Florida Home:

Clear all Clutter – this sounds like a simple thing to do, but it can be difficult.  This means all surfaces should be clear and everything neat and tidy.  Kitchen counters, the fridge, the entry are areas that you need to keep clear of the clutter.  You want to remove any barriers from the buyer’s eyes.  Remember purchasing a home is an emotional process.

  1. Do a good Spring Cleaning – that includes ceiling fans, baseboards and any silk plants you may have in the house.  But don’t just stop there, the inside of the fridge and stove, your laundry room and garage.   Blinds in every room should be dust free.  Rent a storage unit or pack things into your attic. Buyers purchasing an Orlando Florida home  need to see the potential of the space and it is packed full of stuff they cannot see the potential of the space for their own use if all they see is your stuff.
  2. If it has eyes — pack it away.  Photographs, statues and the like are very personal and are what make your house a home.  The same goes for any religious items.  You want people to focus on the house not your wedding photos.  The less it is about your the more likely they will make it about them and visualize it in terms of a possible home for them.
  3. First impressions matter.  Go stand outside at the street and look at your house.  Does it look inviting?  Clean up the yard, plant flowers, how does your mailbox look?   Stressed for time?  Hire a gardener to take care of the property during the sales process.
  4. Same for the entry of the house.  Is there a pile of shoes at the door?  A stand full of unopened mail?  Or is it clean and well lit.  Do you have a warm feeling as you walk in, or are you immediately hit with a lot of colors and stuff?  Again, this is not a reflection on you and how you live, it is about being the most appealing house for sale and selling faster and for the best amount.
  5. Change all your lightbulbs!  Make sure that each room has a lot of light coming in naturally or by lamps. 
  6. Neutral paint throughout is a good idea, it aides in the potential buyer seeing the potential of your house.  So if you have a lot of wild colors, it might be a good investment to make sure that you appeal to the greatest number of buyers and be neutral.
  7. Purchase a new set of guest towels in each of the bathrooms, a new door mat for the front door and fresh flowers on your dining room table.
  8. Less is More.  If a room is full of furniture, try removing a few peices to make the room feel larger.  Same goes for the artwork on the walls.  You want to create the illusion of space.
  9. Make sure that at all times you house is ready to be shown.  This means beds made, dishes always away (or in dishwasher), and the house always neat and tidy.

We will do our part by marketing your Orlando Florida home and together we will get your home sold!  If you need more information about buying or selling a home in the Orlando Florida area, please call your Orlando Avenue Top Team today!  We are here to help you achieve your Real Estate Goals!

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