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Teri’s Travel Store

June 21st, 2006 by tisner

If you want to travel wholesale not retail check out Teri’s Travel Store and watch the online demo.

If you want to travel wholesale not retail check out Teri’s Travel Store and watch the online demo. Fun and fortune could be yours and it so easy to join the great people at YTB.

Three years ago Vicky Robb called me to tell me of an exciting new business she joined. YTB or Your Travel Business sparked a fun option to become a referring travel agent and offer our clients exceptional travel opportunities. Best of all as a referring travel agent you were able to take FAM trips or familiarization trips at a greatly reduced cost. Her friend Mickey Rawls took time to show me how easy all this could be and how it would benefit our clients.

Everyone likes to travel and everyone loves to save money! 14 day exotic adventures, trips by land, sea, or air, you name it…that is why travel is a $5 trillion a year industry and growing every day!

But the industry is changing. Your most successful travel agencies are no longer the "brick and mortar" buildings of the past, but the "click and mortar" agencies of the future.

YTB is capitalizing on this paradigm shif and we invite you to come with us as we change the way the world travels.

Imagine being able to travel like the pros, getting the good deals, your next family vacation, the vacation most only dream of and up to 70% commission on travel booked by you and your friends, neighbors, realatives and business associates.

How is this possible? Perks to travel professionals are another form of advertising. Millions of dollars of inventory go unused every day in the travel industry. We get great deals on condos, cruise ship cabins, resort and hotel rooms that are not being used and they get powerful word of mouth advertising for their property.

Why you need YTB? Before you can enjoy the income and these awesome perks, you must first become a travel professional. In the past that meant spending tens of thousands of dollars to open a traditional travel agency. With YTB, the process is simple, easy and affordable.

Your personal travel store can be up and running in no time so why give that business away when it can be yours. You travel. People you know travel. Your e-commerce equipped on-line travel and convenience store allow you to earn up to 70% commission on: Virtual travel store: Resort Condos, Vacation Packages, Groupt Travel, All inclusive Resorts, Last minute deals, Cruises, Tours, Hotels, Car Rentals, Rail, Golf Packages and more.

golf packagesThe virtual convenience store also can make restaurant reservation, set up golf tee times, have your luggage delivered, purchase travel insurance, book sightseeing tours, buy travel accessories, buy sports and concert tickets and many more. Thin about it thousands of people have spent tens of thousands of dollars to opoen their own travel agency. Now throught YTB Travel you can have your own "click and Mortar" agency for only $49,95 per month and an a one time set up fee of $450.

So how have I used this? Within 2 minutes my store was up online, I have booked great concert seats, theatre seats, and saved hundreds of dollars at hotels. It is actually very fun to explore the options available to referring travel agents. I have introduced family members and friends into the business and now my monthly fee is gone. We recieve profit share checks monthly and I can’t tell you how many times when I am traveling I ask if they offer a travel agent rate. Why pay retail when wholesale is available.

If you want to learn more there check out and Teri’s Travel Store. Who knows you too might be on your way to saving more of your travel dollars or building your own referring travel business. The benefit to our clients is ease and convenience right on our real estate website. Orlando is a vacation capital so why not make it as easy as possible for our clients to enjoy it all.

I want to add that I don’t actually book the travel I refer the nuts and bolts through our back office it is that easy. I can’t thank Vicky and Mickey enough for taking time to show me just how much fun all this can be and how rewarding.

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