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Thinking of Selling Your Orlando Area Property Yourself?

May 17th, 2007 by tisner

Here is a list of some things that you should think about when selling your Orlando area yourself:

Here is a list of some things that you should think about when selling your Orlando area yourself:
  • How are you going to qualify a buyer who brings you an offer?
  • When pricing your property it is not what someone else’s house sold for plus your credit card debt, moving expenses, and closing costs.   With market changes, a good realtor is abreast of the changes and what will affect your listing price.
  • Remember buyers are well educated and they have access to public records and are not about to think your price is reasonable.   They do a considerable amount of research and will pass over an over priced listing.
  • Get yourself a good attorney to handle the legal paperwork, make sure you have all the forms and disclosures you need.  How do you handle a deposit check?  Are you prepared to ensure that all deadlines are met?
  • Are you prepared to do the negotiating with the buyers?   Sometimes there are personal emotions that get in the way – a good realtor is an excellent buffer for you.
  • Be prepared to advertise your property on the Internet and in the newspapers and local publications and change those ads to gain attention of buyers.  Be prepared to send out just listed postcards to the neighborhood and produce brochures and distribute them to the Realtors in your community.  Realtors already have systems in place and ready to add any new property that they list into that system
  • Depending on the area, it can be very expensive to put ads in the newspapers — even just the simple classified ads can be expensive.  Realtors usually have larger ads that they can divide the cost among several listings….  You will not have that luxury….
  • You are at a disadvantage (especially in our Resort community) if you are not in the MLS and do not cooperate with Realtors.   Many of our buyers are from out of town and they rely on and our MLS to find their dream property.   You can’t be on if you are not on the MLS. 
  • Many realtors have extreamly successful well viewed websites that listings get a lot of attention and exposure for their listings. 
  • Are you providing lots of photos and visual tours on your website for your listing?  What is the page rank of your website?   In Google Searches is your website coming up on page one?  80% of buyers start their search on the Internet
  • What compensation are you going to pay a realtor who brings you a buyer?   You need to be prepared with that, the market has shifted to a buyers market and you wouldn’t want to miss a well qualified buyer now would you?
  • What about your personal security?   Strangers coming to your home going through and you have no idea who they are or if they are just looking for an easy target?
  • If you do an open house, keep the front door locked, make them ring the bell to gain entry.  
  • Make sure you are available for showings on a moments notice – with your property listed with a professional we have systems in place to ensure you won’t miss a showing!

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