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Your Guide to a Perfect Backyard Movie Night

August 24th, 2021 by tisner

Weekend family movie nights may or may not be a tradition for you and yours, but there is no better time to start one! The investment is certainly worth it, as you can have family or close friends over for an evening of outdoor fun without the extra work and clean-up of a cookout. Create your own “drive-in” theater using these tips:

  • Supply list:  outdoor extension cords, outdoor power strip, projector, movie source, speakers, screen, flat surface for the projector, seating, tables (optional items) outdoor lighting, insect repellent, and snacks 
  • For as little as $100, you can purchase an outdoor projector.  Not in the budget? Check out a projector from your local library or find a local rental store that carries them. Make sure you have the correct cables and cord to connect to your movie source. 
  • While a Blu-ray player is the easiest player for your outdoor cinema, your smartphone or a tablet will work just fine. Check the Wi-Fi signal to make certain there will not be a lot of buffering during play. If the signal is not strong, use a Wi-Fi booster or download the movie to your device before showtime.  A Bluetooth speaker is an inexpensive option if the projector does not have them built in. 
  • Your screen should be secured to a wall or fencing, or build a frame from which to hang a sheet, tablecloth, or painter’s drop cloth.  Whatever method you choose, be sure your screen is smooth and braced against winds that may breeze up. 
  • Seating is important, and while some will be comfortable with a cushion or floor pillow while reclining on an old blanket, you will need chairs, and maybe even a few tables. Just make sure that items you use can get damp and/or dirty from being on the ground. 
  • Unless you ask others to bring their refreshments, ready-made snacks and drinks will be the most convenient and will keep you from being stuck at a table serving concessions. Have a “buffet” of pre-packaged goodies in baskets or on serving trays with drinks on ice. 
  • Consider showing your movie out front where neighbors can sit in family groups around the front yard or even on the sidewalk.  
  • Remember to keep an eye on the weather for a few days in advance so you do not risk ruining equipment with rain.  

Talk with your neighbors about your plans, and if they are concerned about noise, promise to keep it down. It is especially useful for movie-goers to connect their phone’s Bluetooth to the sound, so the main speaker’s volume does not have to be turned up. Keep the screen out of the line of sight of your neighbor’s windows so the light will not disturb them if they turn in early. Outdoor movie nights should be fun, relaxing, and memorable for everyone! 

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