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Halloween Online and in Orlando Florida

October 22nd, 2007 by tisner

Halloween Online and in Orlando Florida


Halloween Online and in Orlando Florida goes all the way back to Celtic Culture in Ireland and the Druids. 

According to folklore the spirits of all those that died would rise up and roam the streets.  

So just what is the history?   

Today costumes and children fill the streets to trick or treat,

 and just what is the story behind the candy corn.?



Get in the mood and set your screensaver now and start exploring. 

Kids get ready for a scary experience this scary site for kids or adults,

Be sure to have your speakers turned on.

Want to find out more about all Hallows Eve?

Halloween costume ideas are plentiful, and check out  Halloween games tricks and treats

if you want to really get involved.




Ben and Jerry even get in the act and then there is pumpkin carving for kids.

Everyone can get in on the act.

Here is more Halloween on the web and if it is  information you need the resources are endless.

If you are going to make your own costume the here is a good place to start.

You can also subscribe to an online Halloween magazine, and for props, makeup options and decoration tools this site has great stuff! 

Having a Halloween party and need a few extra recipes .

Fun food for kids at Halloween wouldn’t be the same without some goosebumps and kid friendly recipes.

Ok there is even Sugar free so what are you waiting for?



If we have to have sugar free to Halloween

Chocolate and what can we say about chocolate without mentioning  Hersheys.    

Here is a list of towns with fall colors which would you like to visit?

Do you know what causes the fall colors 

Here are few more Hot spots across the country.

Now you have seen a few why not book a trip and visit one of these areas,

it is simple at Teri’s travel store.

Ok kids do you need a few Jokes and riddles,

here is another pumpkin guide and some more tips.



If you want to Carve like a pro or need a pro template 


then there are the pumpkin Masters and for the children  


here is the fabulous food section with carving tips.



Is there a healthy side to Halloween…


Yes there is a health benefit to pumpkin peel.



Every year there is a Great pumpkin weigh off event here are last years results. 



And the winner is?

Halloween Zombie movies your thing


and If that is not enough there are more telling tales.  


If you need to keep  the scary boogieman away so what is the story


behind garlic and werewolfs?  






Riskgay to be sure but we must mention Elvira and the search is on.



Ok we wont leave out the techies even CNet enjoys getting in on the Halloween action.



Wed be remiss not to mention Halloween safety so here are some tips to share with your friends. 


Say Boo to the flu and other helpful Halloween links 


for Family fun and dont miss the readers digest halloween tips,


or what causes those crazy pumpkin shapes? 


Haunted Houses at Orlando’s Disney World are fun but how about the real thing.




Are you being followed don’t worry.


Here is a place to have some spooky fun and things that go bump in the night.


If that is not enough how about some more scary stories. 


Now for you practical jokers out there even scholastic magazine gets in on the action.


Like to dance well it is not dancing with the stars but for those of you closer to my age who can forget the


famous Monster Mash  You can always send  an email card and share scarry thoughts


 with friends.  If you need images or clip art and, halloween fonts, or sounds for your creations all this will help.


Some of the Free clip art from stuff.gif


Stay tuned next blog will be specific to everything you can do in the Orlando Halloween Scene.



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